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DameWare Exporter 7.5

DameWare Exporter is a tool that leaves no footprint on a remote machine
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DameWare Exporter is a great tool that allows you to retrieve Active Directory properties, Standard properties and WMI properties from remote computers within your network environment. On the upper left of the main window there is the "Task List" divided into categories. Each category can be expanded and includes its own components. You have to mark the desired component you wish to retrieve from the remote computer. The computer list is in the center. You can add more computers with the "Network Browser" dialog box or add WMI classes with the "Add WMI Class" dialog box. On the right panel there is the "Computer properties" window that shows the features of the objects, credentials and status. When you contact a computer, it automatically retrieves the next information: Host Name/IP address, description, domain, OS type, OS version, OS platform ID, last connection check, selected, WMI namespace, created, and last modified. At the bottom of the main window there are the "Information" and "Export" panes. The Information pane displays general status information about the remote computer that is currently running. The Export pane displays detailed information about each running task within the current remote computer. In order to retrieve the computer information, File and Printer sharing should be enabled on the remote computer and you will have to open and define the correct scope for all the ports needed in any Firewall between the local and remote computers.

Roberto Jimenez
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